Can I anonymize my data?

When creating your development server, if you need to copy all your customer data on this new environment, you can do it. But, in order to help you respect the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) we offer you, if you want, to anonymize this information. To do that, in the "Backup settings" part of the module, before starting your shop cloning, select "Yes" to export the customer data and then "Yes" for the "Anonymize customer data (GDPR)" option:



When the option is active, the module will replace the retrieved data by anonymized data in order to protect customers' personal information.

Please note that this anonymization will only take place if the option is active. The replacement is done by the module, not by our servers.

The process takes into account only the native tables of PrestaShop. The personal data present in tables of third party modules/developments will not be replaced.

Here are the tables and fields that are replaced:

These tables and fields are replaced with this type of data: