How to take out a new subscription for another of my sites?

If you need to sign up to a new subscription, go to your Parachute account and click on the "Subscriptions" tab in the menu on the left.

Click on the sub-tab "New subscription":



So that you don't have to re-enter your banking information, we reuse the payment method you chose during the previous subscription.

Choose a name for your new subscription (for example the name of the site for which you need a pre-production environment), enter your promo code if you have one and then choose your plan by clicking on "Subscribe":



In the same way as for your first subscription, enter the code you received by e-mail and sign the contract:



Your new subscription is created, you just have to install the module on your new site, link it to your new subscription and to follow the same steps as for your previous subscription to create your development server (see our FAQ).


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