What are the steps to follow to create a Parachute environment?

To duplicate your shop in a staging environment, follow the procedure below:

You first have to create your Parachute account. To do this, click here or go to the parachute.sh website and click on "Sign Up" in one of the pricing plans:



Select your profile type (Freelancer, Agency or Merchant), for example here "Merchant":



Fill out the account creation form, check the box that certifies that you have read and accept our terms and conditions and click on "Register" :



You should get this message:



You should have received an e-mail from us. Click on the link inside to confirm your address.

Your Parachute account is now created. You should be in the "Subscriptions" tab of your dashboard. Click on the "New subscription" sub-tab, fill out your billing details and click on "Save":



Select your payment method by clicking either on "Credit card" or on "SEPA Direct Debit":



You should then be able to see the different pricing plans (previously blurred). Give a name to your subscription (for example the name of your shop), enter your promo code if you have one and then select the subscription you are interested in. In our example we will select a monthly M plan:



Finalize your payment.

In order to create your subscription you must now sign the associated contract. You should have received a code by e-mail that you will need to enter to sign the contract.

Once you have read the contract, scroll down to the bottom, check the box that certifies that you have read, understood and accepted its terms and conditions, fill in the verification code and click on "Sign":



Your subscription is now validated. Now go to the "Connectors" tab of the left menu and click on the connector corresponding to the PrestaShop CMS :



Save the zip file of the module on your desktop and install it on your PrestaShop store. Once the module is installed, click on "Configure".

To be able to create your test environment, you have first to link your shop to your Parachute subscription. To do this, click on "Link my subscription":



Select your subscription and click on "Authorize":



Your shop is now linked to the Parachute service through your subscription.

You will now be able to clone your shop in your test environment (test "server").

First of all, Parachute is going to create a backup of your database and shop files. You have the possibility to adjust the settings of this backup. For example, you can decide whether to export or not your customer/guest data and orders, whether to anonymize or not these data (if you export them), whether to export your statistical data or not and whether to export your images or not. Please note that, depending on the total size of the images, additional storage space may be required, which may result in additional costs. If you don't need to export them, don't do it.

Here is an example of settings:



Check the box to authorize the server creation and click on "Start cloning process".

Your test server is now being created. The process is automatic, you don't have to do anything. It may take a few minutes. 

First step is to back up your files:



Second step is to back up your database:



Parachute creates your server at step 3:



Finally, the step 4 is the longest since it consists in synchronizing all the data saved on your new server and configuring it :



Once the process is ended, a message is displayed:



You can either view the front office of your duplicate shop, or go to your Parachute dashboard to manage the features of your server.


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