What is Parachute?

Parachute is a service that allows you to clone your site in a staging environment in order to perform developments, tests, technical operations, and many other works without damaging your production shop.

On this copy of your site, you can at any time:

Once you are done, you just need to download the necessary modified files and database entries to release them with ease on your production site.


How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier! Install the Parachute extension on your website and start the duplication in one click. When it’s done, you can work on this copy of your site or grant secure access to people of your choice. Finally, you can download only the modified files and database entries which have to be released. All you will have to do is push them to your production server.


To know more, do not hesitate to visit parachute.sh.

You will find the complete list of Parachute's features by following this link.

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