Why should I use Parachute?

"I worked on a design for a clothing e-shop to celebrate the launch of their new collection. But the implementation of my work on their site failed. The shop had to be put into maintenance for a few hours which caused a loss of turnover…"
Marie, Freelance webdesigner

"I wanted to install a new piece of code that would allow me to display a banner on the home page to promote the release of the new trendy product. As soon as the installation was done, my shop broke down and a lot of data was lost. I had no backup of my site and I had to wait until someone competent was available to fix it. I missed the best time to sell my product and my competitors took the opportunity to pass me by!"
Paul, Owner of a drone sales e-shop

"I wanted to migrate our server from PHP 5.6 version to PHP 7.x  to improve performances but it didn’t go as planned… Multiple incompatibilities with some old code of the site led to the website shutdown and a significant loss of time & turnover…"
Bertrand, web agency developer


Have you ever experienced a release on production that turned out to be a disaster? 


As an agency, developer or e-merchant, you often need to intervene (or ask someone to intervene) on a website in order to make improvements, fix bugs or test new modules or a new theme. But working directly on the site in production is like playing with fire, you always have the risk that your work will impact the good functioning of the site online, and this can have serious consequences: loss of data, site failure for a more or less long time, loss of turnover ... What if you secure your releases? 

Don't take any more reckless risks! With Parachute work fearlessly on a duplication of your website, and once all the tests have been carried out and correct functioning assured, retrieve the modified files to integrate them into your production site. 

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