How to create unique FTP access to my staging server?

If you need to provide FTP access to your development server, follow the procedure below:

Go to your Parachute dashboard, in the "Servers" tab of the left menu. Click on the line of the relevant server and then on the "FTP" sub-tab.

You can create one FTP access at a time. That is, if in the future you need to create FTP access again for someone else who needs to work on your server, you will need to delete the previously created FTP access and recreate new one.

In the "Homedir" field, indicate in which folder of your server the FTP access you are going to create will allow to enter. The path here is relative to the root folder of your CMS. So, if for example you want the FTP connexion to allow to enter the "modules" folder of your CMS, type "/modules". Note that you can start typing a keyword and select the right path from the proposals that will automatically appear in the drop-down menu. This way you avoid typing errors.
Note: if you are unable to enter a value in the field (or if no proposal appears), reload the page.

In the "Note" field, you have the possibility to indicate for whom (or what) this FTP access is intended. For example: "FTP for my developer".



Before clicking on "Generate new credentials", make sure you have something to note the FTP credentials that will be displayed because, for security reasons, once the window is closed, they will no longer appear.

Click on "Generate new credentials": an alert message will appear warning you that the credentials will only be visible once (make sure you have something to copy them). Click on "Ok": 



A window opens with the FTP credentials created. Copy them (particularly the password and the quick access which will no longer appear) then click on "Close" :



A summary of the FTP credentials is displayed (except the password and quick access that you must have copied). When the person who will be working on your server has finished, click on "Delete" to remove the access. You will also need to delete this access to be able to create new one.


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