How to make a backup of my development environment in a given state?

If you want to save the files and database of your development environment as they are at a given stage of your work, you can do so with our backup tool. You can create as many backups as you want (within the limit of the storage space allocated to you through your subscription) and you can download them at any time.

To do so, go to your Parachute dashboard and click on the "Servers" tab in the left menu. Click on your server then go to the "Backups" sub-tab.

If you want, give a name to your new backup and then simply click on "Create a backup":



A message warning you that the backup may take a few minutes is displayed. Click OK, the backup will start.

Once your backup is complete, you can download the files and/or the database by clicking on the "Download" buttons:



You also can delete a backup at any time by clicking "Delete", to free up storage space for example.

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