How to retrieve only the modified files to release my work?

When your work is finished and validated, you can retrieve the files and database entries that have been modified in order to send them to your production server with complete peace of mind.

First of all, check that you have created commits for all your tested and validated modifications that you want to put into production (see this FAQ to know how to do it). All non-committed changes will be ignored.

Once it's done, go to the "Production bundle" sub-tab and click on the "Create a new production bundle" button:



A message warns you that creating a new package will overwrite the previous one, if you had already created one. Click OK. The creation of the bundle begins. You will receive an e-mail when the process is complete.

When the package has been generated, click on "See existing package" (or in the e-mail received, click on the "Go to my dashboard" button):



We will guide you through the releasing of your modified files and database. You can get more or less detailed help depending on your profile. Select "I am a technician" or "I am not a technician" depending on the level of help you require.

For example, here for "I am a technician":



Attention: as mentioned, we recommend that you always make a backup of your production before any releasing of modifications.

Download your bundle and follow the detailed steps to release your work.

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